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Notes on Life podcast is the premier alternative source for current events commentary, as well as the home of the Notes On Life Blog.

Notes On Spiritual Warfare

A new, forward thinking podcast for true followers of the Christian faith that actively engage in spiritual warfare. Discussions focus around dream interpretation, and prayer.

Discussions About Things that Matter.

Articles from the Notes On Life blog:

How to Define Racism in 2023

Prejudice and discrimination based on race, is racism. What makes it hard to address the racism prevalent in 2023 is the mischaracterization of what it means, something that we will explore further in Part II. Racism and hatefulness are not dependent upon another;

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6 Tips-Hotel Living for Single Mothers

Long-term hotel living is not for the faint of heart. But post 2020, we have seen many reports about the increase in families living out of their cars, and finding refuge in places such as extended-stay hotels, rather than the alternative of living on the streets. The economic life of many single moms is encompassed…

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