5 Rules of Etiquette for Food and Grocery Delivery

Since 2020, there has been an exponential increase in the use of apps that allow consumers to have food delivered right to their door. However, as an avid observer of social emotional trends, I have also noticed an increase in rudeness against service workers, and those whom they serve.

Below are 6 rules you should follow when ordering food or groceries online:

1. Keep your eyes open- I will never understand why someone would go through the process of selecting items they want to order from a restaurant, pay, arrange for it to be delivered to their home, and then completely ignore their phone, as if it is not possible for a problem to occur between the restaurant and their home. In an ideal world, delivery drivers would be assigned to one customer ordering enough food to cover their expenses. In the real world, drivers have to accept multiple orders to scrape up a dollar. Don’t be the person who gets in the way of that. Besides, this behavior is not only rude, but it’s selfish: How would you feel if delivery of your hot meal is delayed because the person before you refused to answer their phone??

ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE! Photo: @christiandinaphoto

2. Be detailed in your description- When your bestie first came to visit, she got lost. When your brother came to see you, he got lost. EVERY TIME your mother comes to visit she gets confused. What makes you think it won’t be the same for a delivery driver? If you know that people often get lost and have to call you for directions to your door (see tip #1), take the time to be detailed in how to arrive at your door from the point of entry…which leads me to point 2(b): If you live in a gated community, provide the gate code in your delivery notes. Delivery drivers are just that- delivery drivers, not mind readers.

3. Live in a multi level? Meet outside….unless you are giving a decent tip. You know how you feel when you climb the three flights to your apartment? Yeah, delivery drivers feel that too. You are paying your driver to deliver the food. How they get it to your door is up to them, and often based on how you tip. If you know there is a little drama associated with getting to your door from the parking lot, just meet the driver outside. Especially at night when finding apartment numbers is more difficult.

4. Turn on your light! It’s simple: It’s dark. Someone is visiting your home at night, and they have something you want. Turn on your porch light! When your address is well lit on your home, it helps make the drop off process much easier.

5. DON’T BE RUDE- Okay, so you order delivery all the time and you “never have a problem” with anyone being able to locate your apartment. So? You putting your delivery driver down and making them feel stupid because they need a little help with navigating your complex does absolutely NOTHING to advance towards the end goal, which is to get your food to you (without you having to leave your house), nice and hot. So, don’t be a jerk when they seem to have a little trouble. Just assist the best way you can. You can also get up and go get it yourself, just in case showing mercy and giving grace is not your strong suit.

There’s absolutely no excuse for rudeness…unless you’re this cute. Photo courtesy of @cottonbro

And here’s one more: TIP. YOUR. DRIVER!

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