A Different Way

Today, I decided to go in a new direction with my blog.

Actually, it started a little while ago, but I kept thinking, “I’ll wait until the new site is up.” However, nearly six months later, the old site is still up, and the new site is put on the back burner to all the other shit, I’ve got going on. Right now, I am stressed because I have defaulted on a payday loan that I can’t pay back right now because I ain’t got no job (just call me Tommy), and although I have put in more than 50 applications at different places over the last three months, I have YET to hear any positive news. I saw a comment on a Youtube page I follow of a girl that said she has put in more than 200 applications and got rejected from them all. Sadly enough, I wholeheartedly believe her. She was Black, and it made me think about the news that came out recently about Black women being rejected for jobs before even getting them, even when they are interviewed for them. What I hate about the news, especially news that reports what is going on in the Black community, is how they minimize the gravity of offenses against us. I know that this happens on a wider scale, and with more companies than Wells Fargo. Nevermind that, though, because true justice will not come for us from anywhere but God. Besides, I have it on good authority that the American economy is going downhill fast; those at the bottom are feeling it first, and those above us will feel it soon enough. Things are more dire than what anyone will ever report on the news, but luckily, we’ve got entertaining things to watch like Chris Rock getting slapped by Will Smith, as the ship goes down.

I am not exatly sure what I want to accomplish with my blog, going in this new direction. Something that will set me apart. Since I started Notes On Life, I have seen several other websites, and other things pop up using this name, none of which hold nearly as much substance as this site does. I know that I am a trendsetter, but that shit gets annoying when you see others who seemingly florish after building on top of your idea, putting forth content that is less substantial. Story of my life, I guess. I just wanted a place to vent, because I am really discouraged by my financial situation right now.

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