RE: Dream Interpretation: The Moon, Sun and Stars

Reference Notes

-Cellphones represent deception, or deception working. Satan is said to be the “prince of the power of the air,” (Ephesians 2:2). This is typically understood to mean that there is a wicked or demonic entity that is able to utilize power transmitted by air, or through the air/sky, for evil use.
-Seeing two moons in your city or town means that alliances have been made by certain governing bodies that have spiritual significance.
– In a dream, when you try to show something you are viewing to others, and they cannot see, it means that only those with spiritual discernment will be able to comprehend the unseen or spiritual significance of the events being played out in your dream.
-Anything getting in the way of you watching or seeing something occuring in your dream means deception/someone/something is working to prevent the knowledge of the event from getting out. It can also signify that only a force is working to promote only a partial understanding of the event, or the promotion of half-truths.
-The size of the heavenly bodies you see in your dream relates to the level of power that principality has in either the natural or spiritual realm. Most particularly, the spiritual realm.
-In any dream where heavenly bodies are moving throughout the sky, it signifies activity, or actions being taken by those bodies.
-The brightness of a moon denotes the strength of its power, or the strength of the government, or governing body/entity it represents.

Do you have any thoughts you would like to share regarding elements discussed in this interpretation? I would love to hear your thoughts, just leave your comment below!


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