Dream Interpretation: The Moon, Planets and Stars.


“It is the honor of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out.” ~ Proverbs 25:2 (Author's rephrase)

Originally published: October 6, 2021
Updated: January 16, 2023

What does it mean to dream about stars and planets? What does it mean to dream about the moon? In my efforts to advocate for an increased understanding and spiritual awareness among the American population, I have become increasingly vocal about how I can see biblical prophecy intertwined in political events as they unfold.

In addition, I have openly shared several dreams I’ve had I know to be prophetic. In searching to increase my understanding of these dreams, I discovered that many others have heard from the LORD in the same way.

Many of the dream testimonies I’ve heard speak about seeing several moons, stars, or suns while chaos or war was taking place in the earth below. I’ve never had a moon dream, so my curiosity was piqued about what recurring dreams about moons could mean. As my curiosity often leads me to do, I searched out the matter. Here is what I came up with:

*Unless otherwise noted, all scriptural references are King James

Spiritual meaning of the Sun– Representative of Jesus, the saints, or righteousness. There is some correlation in the scripture with God and the sun-For example, you cannot look into the face of God and live (Exodus 33:20). Similarly, you cannot look directly into the sun without causing irreparable damage to your eyes. Also, keep in mind that although the moon changes shape as it goes through different phases each month, the sun remains the same (Hebrews 13:8). So, if you are dreaming about multiple suns, then your dream is speaking to you of a power that is coming as a counterfeit, as there is only one sun/son (John 3:16). In Genesis 1:16, we learn that God created the sun as a “greater light to rule the day.” The word “rule” used in this scripture has the same meaning of the Hebrew word used to reference government or dominion. [See Strongs Concordance H4475]. Light, righteousness, truth, power.

The sun could also represent a male, or masculine energy (See Genesis 37:9-10).

Spiritual meaning of the Moon– Representative of government powers, or ruling powers. In Genesis 1:16, we learn that God created the moon as a “lesser light to rule the day.” The word “rule” used in this scripture has the same meaning of the Hebrew word used to reference government or dominion. [See Strongs Concordance H4475]. Darkness, evil, wickedness, trouble

The moon could also represent a woman, or feminine energy (See Genesis 37:9-10).

Spiritual meaning of the Stars– Representative of government figures, or heads. Princes. People with power. There are two distinct references of the word “star” in Hebrew scripture, but I want to focus on the one referenced by Strong’s Concordance at H3556. This usage of star is most related to God’s people, and his personification of the stars and their great number in parallel to the tribes of Israel and their descendants. Also, scripture specifies that the stars were made to rule with the moon by night (Psalm 136:9). The word “rule” used in this scripture has the same meaning of the Hebrew word used to reference government or dominion [See Strongs Concordance H4475].

Stars in a dream could also represent brethren, or decendants (See Genesis 37:9-10).

“Supermoon”– Two government powers merging together as one.

Spiritual meaning of Planets– Representative of a religious system, god, or heavenly power/principality that is the object of worship. The word planet actually only appears one time in scripture, and that is in 2 Kings 23:5. Strong’s identifies the root word to planet in the Hebrew text as the term related to “flooding,” or “pouring out.” This is interesting considering some of the dream testimonies I’ve heard reference flooding, or things falling from the sky in their moon dream. [See Strongs Concordance H4208].

The Moon As Governments

One of the most compelling videos I’ve seen supporting the understanding of moons as governments can be found on Amanda Christian’s Youtube channel. In her video “2 Moons Convergence, 3 Moons, 5 Moons Alliance, 7 Moons,” she provides a very detailed account about seeing multiple moons in the sky that merge, split apart, and go their separate ways.

Notice in the very beginning, she first sees the merging of two moons to create a Supermoon. This was to reveal that two government powers had come together to work as one, or towards a common goal. As she was looking for her phone to record what was happening, she looked away and looked back to see three moons, still orbiting in the sky closely around one another. This denotes three government powers working together, and when she looks away and looks back, she sees a total of five moons, with one of the three moons now having two smaller moons with it, and going in a different direction than the two other moons, which are also going in different directions in the sky. I do believe the directions the moons are going in are significant to note. In the third part of the dream, she looks back to see the five moons come back together in perfect alignment, meaning that the separate alliances with other government powers made by the one moon going south, has now been brought back into the fold of the alliance made by the three moons, or government powers. Finally, she sees a total of 7 moons in the sky, with the moons, again, breaking apart and going in different directions in the sky, and some of the moons clustered together, while others are alone and going their own way. In the dream, she discusses desperately searching for her cellphone, and finally finding it on the dashboard of her car. In dreams, a cellphone represents deception. Consider that the dashboard of a vehicle is where you usually find the vehicle controls and all things you need to carry out operations in the vehicle. Also, typically when you sit things in or on your dashboard, it’s just temporarily, like maybe you place a notepad or something there as a holding place until you drive off. So basically, her inability to find her phone in the dream meant that the LORD was causing her to put down the deceptive object of control (mainstream news media, for example), so that she could observe what was happening with her ‘spiritual’ eyes. I think this is interesting to note, because she even makes a point to say that she thought her husband represented Jesus in the dream (who also questioned if using her phone to record what she was seeing was a good idea) , and that whenever she tries to record things such as the moon or stars, they never show up on her phone the way they really appear in the sky when being viewed with the naked eye. Notice, she did not find her phone until after the five moons (which I think were really the focus of the dream), had come into alignment. A study of what governmental alliances were made after she had the dream which correlates with the number of moons will reveal what/who her dream was about.

In her, “Two Moons, Two Suns, Row of Stars Dream” video, Heavens 711 provides another example of moons being symbolic of government. In this dream, the moons, suns, and stars are all aligned. At one point, one of the moons crosses over in front of one of the suns (the false sun) and becomes blood red. Eventually, the moons and suns fade away and only the stars remain, which then rise above a major city.

What this dream was telling her can be found in Revelation 17:

“And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.”

—Revelation 17:9-11

The moons represent two government powers, and the two suns are religious systems, one true the other false. One of the moons crosses over in front of the false sun, or the false religion, and becomes blood red, which is always associated with destruction, the Beast, and war (we’ll discuss more on this later). Once this happens, the moons and suns fade away, and only the stars, or the “princes” remain, who hover over a large metropolitan area. The fading away of the other heavenly bodies simply means that their time has not yet arrived. Next, she can see through her phone’s camera the rulers working quickly and deceptively over the body of people to usher in the Antichrist. Now again, we have here a cellphone representing deception, but in this dream, it is reversed. When she tried taking out her phone to take a picture of the stars, she could not see them through her phone’s camera, only with her naked eye, which is representative of truth, or having the spiritual ability to see things as they really are. However, when the stars begin to move quickly and work deception, she could no longer see them with her naked eye, only by looking through her cellphone. This dream reveals that in order to understand the times leading up to the arrival of the Beast, it is necessary to recognize which government bodies and figureheads will be laying the foundation to allow the Beast to reign. They will move quickly. However, the leaders will be working through a high level of deception, so a high level of spiritual discernment will be necessary at this time.

Finally, a dream from Push With Purpose solidifies my understanding of moons as governments. In her dream, she saw 50 full moons in the sky that were falling from left to right. Some of the moons were brighter than the others, but ultimately they all fell from the sky. If you have an understanding of biblical prophecy, then you should know what governmental powers these moons represent.

All over the internet, you can find people sharing prophetic dreams about the fall of Babylon. What I think is most interesting about this dream, though, is the fact that she also saw two of the moons explode like a firecracker. The sound she makes as she is describing actually sounds like gunfire, and signifies war and destruction coming to two certain cities: one on the east coast, another on the west; applying this understanding to her dream makes the idea of moons prophetically representing governing bodies virtually undeniable.

Dream About Blood Moons

As I mentioned earlier, a red moon, or what we call “Blood Moons” always signifies a time of trouble, or great tribulation; the rise of the AntiChrist and the Beast system.

In Daniel 7, Daniel provides a brief overview of what he later details in the following chapters, and this entire summary describes a war between Jesus Christ and his saints, and the Beast and his kings. The time of “great tribulation” that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24 is the start of the time in which power will be given over to the Beast to wage war against the saints of God and overcome them. However, Jesus also speaks about things that will occur leading up to the unveiling of the Man of Sin, who gives his power over to the Beast. These things will be quite similar to what will be experienced during the tribulation. And, I want to say here that, while I do believe the AntiChrist (Man of Sin) and the Beast are all of Satan, I do see them as separate entities. In this sense, Christ has provided His followers with a sort of timeline of events that will occur during each entity’s reign. Therefore, in any dream about blood moons, it is important to relate the events occuring in the dream to what has been revealed to us through scripture, to understand the specifics about what the dream is saying.

For example, in her video, “Prophetic Dream Regarding The Blood Moon/A Soon Coming Disaster” KingdomLiving771 details a vivid dream that symbolizes the arrival of the Man of Sin, who will lay the foundation for the reign of the Beast. For this reason, I am going to break her dream down step by step, so it is going to be necessary to watch her video first:

Intro: Sets the tone for the spiritual environment, as it is night time. Symbolic of darkness reigning.
@1:08 Stars circling Blood Moon representative of powers or kings who will work (by legislation, for example) to give their power over to the Beast. The AntiChrist/Beast represents the Blood Moon.
@1:18 The Moon shaking violently and bouncing back and forth and changing from its normal color to red: Again, movement represents actions being taken, things being done. The changing of the color represents a fight between the righteous, or those standing for what would morally be considered ‘right,’ within the government being represented by the moon, and those who are fighting to usher in the powers of darkness, or wickedness..
@2:15 The sad face of the moon going past her represents the leaders of the government standing for what is right leaving, or being forced to leave due to losing the battle with the other side. This is apparent because once the moon goes past her and says ‘the capital is falling,’ it turns red once it goes back into its position in the sky.
@3:15 Immediately after the powers fighting for right are gone (or outnumbered), the dream begins to set the stage for war, or what seems to be what Christ revealed to us to expect at this point on the timeline:

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

— Luke 21:25-26

@6:35 Although Kingdomliving771 already mentions this later on her video, I did want to expand on this a bit. When she said the reference to Obama being “a dog,” symbolizes a wicked person, she is absolutelt right. In the Greek translation of the scriptures, the word dog appears a total of five times in these scriptures:

1. Phillipians 3:2

2. Luke 16:21

3. Matthew 7:6

4. 2 Peter 2:22

5. Revelation 22:15 [See Strongs Concordance G2965]

In these scriptures (See also Proverb 26:11), each reference to a dog is giving the impression of an unclean, immoral, and condemned person (especially where it talks about the dogs licking the old man’s sores….ewww).

@3:17 I just want to double back real quick and mention a couple things I think should be noted about this aircraft, and its symbolism as a falcon. First, the size of the aircraft represents its strength as a stronghold. It also represents its ability to mobilize. I believe the red wings are symbolic of war, tribulation, and judgment…the opening of the sixth seal.

Consider the falcon plane came right before dog aircraft of which the Black man came who referred to Obama being a “dog.” Here is the scriptural reference I believe this scene is signifying:

“And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.”

— Revelation 6:2

he sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.”

— Revelation 6:12

Also, I want to note that, from what I searched, there is only one type of aircraft called falcon- the Dassault Falcon Jet. This line of jets features private jets for personal use and business use, as well as fighter planes. The planes are a subsidiary of the Dassault Group, a family owned french based company that has done significant business with the United States. Specifically, they send their planes over to the U.S. for completion after the design and technology phase. I think this is something to note considering France felt betrayed and “stabbed in the back” after the U.S. Government undercut them in a deal with Australia for nuclear sub technology. Moreover, I want to mention that the falcon is also the symbol of the Plantagenet Royal Family...and that is all I mention here about them. But clicking on their name will lead you to a link giving a brief overview of this family’s significance to American history. I will leave you to follow the rabbit hole on that one.

Additionally, to the Eygyptians, the falcon represented Horus, whose eye is on the back of the dollar bill. This is important to note, as America is spiritually represented as Egypt (land of bondage) for certain of us, as well as Babylon the Great.

Finally, I want to reiterate my point about the blood moon representing various points on a timeline, depending on what else is revealed to be happening in the dream. The end days are a mix of convoluted events as presented to us in scripture, therefore, we prophesy in part, because we see through a glass, “darkly” (1 Cor. 13: 9,13). There are only some things we can know for certain now, while other things will become more clear the closer we draw to the Final Coming of Jesus Christ.


As I studied to understand why so many people have had dreams about moons, I inevitably came across people sharing dreams about planets. In her video, “A Dream About Planets,” White Dove details a dream she had about a moon being surrounded by three planets, which were shining as bright as the moon. Later in the dream, she mentions seeing an object which gave her the impression of there being a military presence. Knowing that the brightness of the moon signifies it strength or power, we can assume the same about the planets-that the principality they represent is strong. The planets surrounding the moon details the gods or principalities in the heavenly realm that are represented within the ruling powers of that government. The presence of military provides an idea of what type of order this merging of power will bring.

But, I think the key takeaway from this dream, which ultimately drives home my point, is her message about what she felt the LORD had been laying on her heart to say prior to having and sharing the dream: A warning about being led astray by religious leaders who are wolves in sheeps clothing. This warning, in addition to the details of her dream, leads me to believe that a moon not only symbolizes government, in these sense of a country, but any governing body of power that is susceptible to being controlled by demonic forces.
In another dream posted on her channel, White Dove details a dream about a fiery red planet. This is a planet I have heard other people mention in their dream videos. While I know that many people hear talk about Planet X, I truly believe that seeing such in a dream is a spiritual representation of Satan, and those who are cast down with him. Remember, red represents war, tribulation, or God’s judgment. This is supported by the fact that these dreams usually show this planet arriving, while chaos and scary, or alien-like beings are wreaking havoc in the earth. Some people have actually mentioned seeing demons. After hearing the details of White Dove’s Planet X dream, this scripture comes to mind:

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

— Revelation 12:9

Interpreting this dream in the light of understanding a planet being symbolic of a spiritual power, then the shards of glass that seemed to be surrounding the planet in her dream (Satan breaking through the barriers of the earth as he is being cast out of heaven), makes more sense, as well as the numerous dreams I found while searching that speak of this particular planet showing up in their dreams as being inhabited by demonic beings.

Glory To Him also has a dream about this fiery red planet, but it is his “Planets Dream,” video that provides two simple, yet revealing accounts of planets representing religious systems of power. In his dream, he and others were looking up into the sky where planets of various colors could be seen with the naked eye. What the colors represent exactly, I do not know, but I do believe they hold significance in understanding which false god is the object of worship. I am still researching this.

But, notice how he mentions seeing the chemtrails in the sky and immediately knowing that efforts were being made to hide the visibility of the planets? This was showing him that principalities in high places reigning in the earth (could be in a certain city, state, country), but the truth was being covered up by deception (chemtrails). However, the being able to see the planets with his naked eye (in truth), is saying that a time is coming in which the truth regarding these matters will be revealed for all to see.
Now, knowing that God also created the moon and stars to be signs of the times, I do believe his dream to have dual meaning for both the spiritual realm, as well as in the physical realm. For example, say you live in the southeast part of the United States, and you see what we call Venus shining bright in the sky, and appearing closer than usual. If you are wise in biblical understanding, you would think, “Hmm, now what is going on in this part of the country in which the power of Venus is reigning?” This would lead you to research for understanding about what those who worship Venus as a false idol believe her power to be. Then, you would watch for events happening that may be caused by leaders or government bodies working in this power, which would allow you to pray accordingly. This is one way spiritual warfare can be waged by the saints of God. I know that chemtrails are real, and it is quite possible that they are utilized not only to manipulate and control the weather, but in the use of other deception as well.
In yet another compelling account, he shares a very short dream that, once interpreted, really makes witness to the true and all knowing power of God. In this dream, he is shown four heavenly bodies he believes to be either planets or moons. Then God tells him, “After the appearing of the four heavenly bodies, it begins.” Using the knowledge of moons as governments (which are ultimately controlled by whatever power/planet the governing body truly worships), I decided to do an internet search using this information. I discovered that on June 7, 2019, the G20 Interfaith Summit commenced in Tokyo, Japan. This is a summit of religious leaders from practically every country from around the world, whose goal is to intersect religion and politics. 2019 marked the year it had its greatest number of attendees since its inception. Although Glory to Him had his dream of the four heavenly bodies on April 1, 2019, he did not post until June 8, 2019, which was one day after the summit began. I also think it is interesting that later that year, U.S. media first began reporting about the coronavirus in China, and we have literally watched the decimation of civil liberties, as well as other agendas ushered in soon after that. Most importantly, though, it should be acknowledged that God made reference to the heavenly bodies in a spiritual sense, while the “it” was understood to be witnessed in the physical realm.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you to take everything you’ve read here to the LORD in prayer. I have taken precaution to research everything I have shared with you, including praying for guidance. With that said, it is still quite possible I have made mistakes in my interpretation. Please forgive me for that, and if you feel the need, comment your thoughts on where you feel my understanding is incorrect below. You can also contact me privately. However, if you enjoyed reading this post, please comment below!

As the Spirit leads, I will update this article, so please bookmark this page and check back periodically.

DISCLAIMER All videos/references to 3rd parties align with Fair Use (U.S. Copyright Law). Use of this work does not imply endorsement. References used are for exemplary and educational use only.

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