One Secret About Men Your Dating Coach Will Not Tell You

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originally published: January 1, 2022

updated: January 16, 2023

They don’t know what they need.

Again, Men do not know what they need. At least, most of them don’t.

Keeping this in mind as when seeking dating advice on men will help every woman date smarter, not harder.

They can tell you all day what they want, but when it comes to relaying their needs, they often comprehend their wants and their needs as one in the same. For example, a man may be set up in such a way that he needs a woman who can help him stay focused on what is needful in his life that will promote the accomplishment of his goals and God-given purpose. However; if he is a man driven by his lusts, he may interpret that need as a woman who can keep his focus physically- someone who fulfills his focus on his sexual lusts, rather than help him meet the need for focus on his life’s purpose. In my experience, men like this (and there are many) get easily confused in this area because they interpret the temporary motivation they receive from the euphoria, or the “bragging rights,” of being attached to a woman they deem to be aesthetically pleasing, as a fulfillment of their innate need to have a woman keep them focused. Of course, situations like this eventually end in breakup, or short-term marriages where the man is caught cheating, because he is understanding his need for a woman to keep his focus in the wrong way.

While it is true that women often do the same thing, the key difference is that the woman (“womb-man”) was made FOR man.

Specifically, women were created to be a man’s “help-meet.” These two words alone say alot about our role in a man’s life. Even considering how carelessly Eve led Adam into eating the forbidden fruit shows the power we have as women to sway our men.

But, this power is used in its most proper form when we are found by the man who already has his heart and mind set towards knowing what he needs, versus what he wants, and has come to the point of maturity that causes him to value the former over the latter when seeking a mate. A man who is clear about what his needs are is more likely to possess the wisdom it takes to find the woman he needs, and mold her into a woman who can give him what he wants. The sooner you become a woman who understands this, you will become more confident and secure in turning away from men who only seek to fulfill their wants at your expense.

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Much Love ❤️


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