6 Tips-Hotel Living for Single Mothers

Originally published: October 13, 2020

Updated: January 16, 2023

Long-term hotel living is not for the faint of heart. But post 2020, we have seen many reports about the increase in families living out of their cars, and finding refuge in places such as extended-stay hotels, rather than the alternative of living on the streets.

The economic life of many single moms is encompassed by constant struggle. As someone who can relate, I decided to create this note of six tips for single moms who find themselves evicted, and living out a hotel:

1. Buy Luggage

It is quite possible that you will be doing alot of moving around until you find a place to settle. Finding suitable luggage from your local goodwill will help you keep your clothing organized. Keep in mind that for this to be efficient, you will need to carry a minimal amount of clothing.

2. Search Deals That Save You Money

There aren’t many options, but there are varying options, depending upon your monthly income. Use the internet for something other than browsing your worries away.

3. Be respectful

You don’t need everybody on your business, so stay lowkey and discreet. From what I’ve seen, the number one way to recognize someone living out of a hotel is they treat it like their home. But it is NOT your home. It is a temporary place for you and your children to reside until something better comes along. Until then, carry yourself as if you are a guest in someone’s house…don’t trash the room and if they ask you to smoke outside, do it.

Photo: @benjaminmanly

4. Talk to Your Kids

They don’t need to know everything (cause see, how I grew up…) but you can’t ignore the obvious. Make sure your kids have some level of understanding of your situation, especially when it comes to preserving your privacy.

5. Be Open to Kindness

Now this one is tricky! Sometimes people cross your path during times of struggles to be a help- often times, people come appearing as angels of light, but really they are just agents being used to keep you feeling depressed about your situation. Usually, this comes in the form of them pretending to care long enough for you to spill all your business, only for them to walk away knowing all your business and leaving you with no real solution. One thing I’ve learned is that if someone really wants to help you, they will just DO IT…and they don’t need all the facts details before they do. If they do, it’s usually to pass judgment. Pray for discernment in this area. Nonetheless, be open to what people have to offer.

6. Get Creative

In times like these, it is important to diversify. How can you get creative with your resources?

Lastly, my advice to you is DON’T let this hard time throw you off your square. Some of us are out here breaking generational curses, and it may be harder to break through for you than for others. But you will. Stay focused on whatever God has put on your heart to do.

Much Love!


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