How Ron DeSantis and Tyre Nichols FURTHER prove my Definition of Racism

Photo: Paul Hennessy

Discussing the truth about the DeSantis decision to block the study of African American history in Florida schools, how racism plays a role in the Tyre Nichols drama, as well as how our ignorance of understanding present day racism is allowing us to be manipulated by those whose ultimate goal is to hand their power over to the Beast.

Here are the links to all things discussed in this episode (in order):

  1. DeSantis will block African American history in schools
2. Buy “A More Accurate Definition of Racism” on Amazon now!

3. Video of DeSantis audio used in episode.

4. Video of Bill Proctor audio used in episode.

5. If you want to know, the audio played regarding attorney Benjamin Crump in this episode was a clip from a sermon by the late Stephen Darby. You can view that sermon here.

6. Regarding the GMO seeds and the suicides of the Indian farmers, I originally read this information in a journal I used as a reference for the paper I was writing, which is only available through a paid database, However, I did find a source that I feel most accurately reflects what I remember reading about, and does a good job summarizing the issue. Another source I used back when I was researching the issue can be found here, but funnily enough, the actual video I remember watching is no longer available. However, the journalist kept his original page up, and the interviews and other good info related to the topic can be found on his site.

7. Dharmesh Patel has come out of his coma, and has an attorney who is speaking on behalf of his wife-who is said by the attorney that she does not want her husband prosecuted- since I recorded this podcast on February 3, 2023. Here is the link to an article published by FOX News, with the most recent update on the case. I think it should be noted how all articles seem to be written as if he is guilty, and how the wife still has yet to make an official statement.

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