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“If you have a problem figuring out whether to listen to NOTES ON LIFE podcast, or those other guys, you ain’t Black!”

-President Joe Biden (actually, some dude that kinda sounds like him).

Brittany L. Coley, host

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Ya'll STILL on Twitter? Chileee….. NOTES ON LIFE

I discuss recent news of Elon Musk gaining access to the sensitive data of Twitter users. Reference article: Topics: Elon Musk, Texas, Twitter, Greg Abbott, Russell Brand SUPPORT THE GROWTH OF THIS PODCAST: Buy Brittany A Coffee: Visit my new website for exclusive content!    
  1. Ya'll STILL on Twitter? Chileee…..
  2. Recompense: Something Better Than Reparations
  3. Education is NOT the key!
  4. Abbott For Texas
  5. Chemtrails and Prophecy
  6. War time At Christmas
  7. Graphene Tuna
  8. ‘The Night Is Coming When No Man Can Work‘
  9. Truth Is No Longer Waiting For You To See It
  10. Sha‘Carri Richardson & the AntiChrist System

Notes On Life Podcast-Most popular episodes

A couple of them became so popular, I wrote a book based on them.

A More Accurate Defintion of Racism, Part 1
Pt.2 A More Accurate Definition of Racism
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Dissecting the Issues Within the Indiana Department of Child Services (c) Brittany L. Coley, 2018

Education is NOT the Key! (c) Brittany L. Coley, 2019

Sha’Carri Richardson and the AntiChrist System, (c) Brittany L. Coley, 2021

Daunte Wright: God vs Riots, (c)Brittany L. Coley 2021

The DEATH of George Floyd Only FURTHER Proves My Definition of Racism

(c) Brittany L. Coley, 2020

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