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LAST EPISODE: Satan, Minister of Music? Notes On Spiritual Warfare

Discussion: Last episode of season one, and the second installment of the False Doctrine vs. Biblical Truth series, exploring the myth that Satan was the minister of music in heaven, and whether there is biblical basis for this belief. Also, brief overview of what to expect for season two.Scriptures discussed: Mark Chp. 4, Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. The name of the movie was CRASH,For everyone who has supported this podcast thus far, THANK YOU! Please take your support a step further and donate to my efforts to bring you enhanced content in season two!You can do so by purchasing me a coffee here: can also donate through Paypal: @thtfwd, or follow this link: willing, I'll speak with you all in season two!Photo by SteveMusic by Holizna
  1. LAST EPISODE: Satan, Minister of Music?
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